Calming Supplements

Magnesium and B vitamins ease nervousness as they protect the nervous system.  Herbs can produce a relaxed state of mind.

Magnesium - it is not uncommon for horses to have a magnesium deficiency as magnesium from hay is not easily absorbed.  Horses that are tense, easily stressed or spooked, or have a short attention span may be lacking sufficient magnesium.    Try adding 5000 mg of magnesium/500 pounds of body weight.

B Vitamins (B1, B6, B12) - B1 (thiamine) can lessen anxiety and spookiness.  B(pyridoxine) aids in serotonin production.  Serotonin regulates anxiety and creates a sense of calmness.  B12 (cobalamin) protects the nervous system, it can only be produced by microbes in the hindgut.

L-tryptohan - an essential amino acid can also encourage serotonin production.   Should not be fed with concentrates for best results.

Chamomille - Herb that can ease mild anxiety.

Valerian -Herb that can produce a sedative effect, will test positive on a blood test so should not be used in competing.





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