Gastrointestinal Support

Prebiotics and Probiotics


Prebiotics and probiotics support the gastrointestinal system.  Prebiotics are food for microbes and support the healthy bacteria found in the hind gut, while probiotics are living microbes that populate the microorganisms living in the hindgut. 


Consider adding prebiotics and probiotics to your horse’s diet during the following circumstances:

·         Changes or stresses in daily living situations

·         Rigorous training, competition, or travel

·         Sudden changes in feed

·         Stall confinement

·         Antibiotic use

·         Use of dewormer

·         Diarrhea

·         Other signs of digestive upset


Horsetech offers several prebiotic and probiotic combinations to aid in the health of your horse’s digestive system and intestinal tract of your horse.





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