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General Lesson Information

"Combining instruction in proper, balanced riding and on the ground, hands-on education to create a solid, strong equestrian."

I believe that every rider should have strong fundamentals, I structure my lessons with dressage principles in mind; it is from this foundation that riders are able to advance in the art of riding.

My lessons offer a variety of activities to keep the lessons fun and engaging while the rider develops strong fundamentals and horse and rider develop as a united team.  I offer a positive, inviting approach to learn and grow.

Lessons are given at my farm or yours, by appointment only. 


Lessons begin for those 8 years old and up.  Due to the age and size of my horses, there is a rider weight limit of 160 pounds.  I only teach adults who own their own horse, I will travel to the owner or owners can haul in to my farm.

Lessons at my farm:

  • 60 minutes in length, with 30 minutes in the saddle and 30 minutes on the ground/hands-on education.

  • Lessons are designed for beginner and intermediate riders, ages 8 and up. 

  • $55/per one-hour lesson

Lessons at your farm on your horse:

  • 45 minutes in length

  • Children or adults

  • $40 per lesson

  • No travel fee within 5 miles of Full Circle Farm, $0.75/mile thereafter

*** Trail rides are not offered ***

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