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 On the Farm - Beginner Private Lessons

60 minutes in length - 

  • 30 minutes in the saddle

  • 30 minutes on the ground/hands-on education


On the Farm - Intermediate and above Private Lessons

45 minutes in length -

  • 45 minutes in the saddle

  • students are responsible for tacking and untacking their lesson horse




Off the Farm/At Your Farm-  Lessons for all levels 

45 minutes in length - 

  • No travel fee within 5 miles of Full Circle Farm, $0.75/mile thereafter  


I teach with a dressage foundation where riders learn to ride with a solid, balanced seat, soft hands, and a feel for the movement of the horse and how horse and rider influence one another.

My lessons offer a variety of activities to keep the lessons fun, positive, and engaging while the rider develops strong fundamentals and horse and rider develop as a united team.  

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