Ground Flaxseed

 Omega 3 Fatty Acids






Ground flaxseed is a high quality source of protein and fatty acids. 


The benefits are:

  • Reduces inflammation throughout the body, including inflammation in the airway

  • Strengthens bones, joints, and hooves

  • Prevents the formation of free radicals

  • Lessens skin allergies

  • Produces a soft, shiny coat


HorseTech offers Nutraflax, a high quality flaxseed.  It stands above other flaxseed products due to the following:

  • Stabilized for a 2-year shelf life

  • Calcium is added to balance the natural inverted ratio of calcium to phosphorus (I am not aware of any other company that balances the ratio, they do this because this is what is best for the horse’s nutritional needs)

  • Non GMO

  • Food grade

  • NASC seal of approval

  • Each ounce provides:

    • 10.75 grams natural flax oil

    • 6.0 grams natural Omega-3

    • 1.6 grams natural Omega-6






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