Add to canine diets to support healthy skin, coat and to support a healthy immune system.  Canine Nutra-Flax is a naturally nutritious source of the essential fatty acid--Omega-3! Also a great source of high quality protein, fat and fiber. Our Canine Nutra-Flax features a veggie-beef stew flavoring. Easy to feed and you satisfaction is fully guaranteed!



The enclosed two-sided scoop provides a teaspoon (smaller side) and tablespoon (larger side) measure.


One slightly rounded teaspoon will provide approximately 2.5 grams of Nutra-Flax. One slightly rounded tablespoon will provide approximately 7.5 grams of Nutra-Flax.


Serving Guidelines

Always introduce Nutra-Flax Canine into diet gradually. Use as directed by your local attending veterinarian.


Toy Breeds: Up to 2 teaspoons per day.
Smaller Breeds: Up to one (1) tablespoon per day.
Medium Breeds: Up to two (2) tablespoons per day.
Large Breeds: Up to three (3) tablespoons per day.



Full-Fat Milled Flaxseed, Calcium Carbonate, Natural Flavorings

Canine Nutra-Flax

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