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"This is my third summer working with Heather at Full Circle Farm,  and I couldn't be more impressed. Heather is patient, informative, and safe.  My daughter's lesson is the  highlight of her week and it all starts with a passionate, energetic trainer.  Thanks for helping make her dreams come true!"                  Katie

"Every child deserves a champion-- An adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be." (Rita Pierson)    "Salsa and I wouldn't be where we are today without Heather."              Shania

My daughter has been taking lessons with Heather since August 2019. She has always had a love for horses even when she was a toddler. Having horses my entire life, I wanted to give my daughter a strong riding foundation. Since working with Heather, she has not only received a great foundation in the art of riding, but that love has turned into a passion. Heather's instructional methods are kind, encouraging, and understanding (My daughter can be a bit dramatic at times) She has taught my daughter the basics of caring for the horses, tacking up the horse, and how to use her body for better balance and direction of the horse. Heather adds such excitement and fun to her lessons by using games, and yes, even some candy! Lessons with Heather are always the highlight of my daughter's week! I am so proud of how far my daughter has come in her riding ability and it is all thanks to Heather!         Mollie

I have been taking lessons from Heather for just over a year now and I feel very fortunate to have found her! 

Heather is a gifted riding instructor for students of all ages and all levels.  

Coming back into riding at middle age, Heather has been the perfect fit for me.  I had lost some confidence and had not taken lessons for many years. She understands what I need to work towards gaining my confidence back so I can continue to ride  - I’ve always had the passion, Just needed the right coach!  She is able to come and train me where I live, riding my friends horses. It’s been a lovely option for all of us! 

Heathers knowledge, respect and love for horses really shows.  She truly cares about horse and rider  

Her lessons are fun as well as challenging, yet she has never made me feel awkward or inadequate,  no matter what we need to work on each week. She is helping me learn to “breathe” and work through my fears.  She really loves to help everyone become their best… at her farm or traveling to yours! 

I love that she can teach dressage, or all-around riding and horsemanship.  If you are interested in becoming the best horse person you can be, I highly recommend Heather at Full Circle Farm. 

Mary Lynn B

Heather is so knowledgeable and a true animal lover.  She has been working with Violet, my daughter, for many years.  I can see growth, confidence and a love for riding all because of Heather's passion and love for what she does and for the people she trains/coaches.  Heather is the most caring and skilled trainer I have met.  She has taught Violet so many valuable lesson that have carried over to who she is becoming as a young adult.  Violet will never stop riding because of all the hard work and skill Heather has instilled and shared with her.  Violet loves to ride and challenge herself because of Heather's gifts.  Violet and I cannot thank Heather enough for all she has given to us… and what a beautiful riding center and landscape.                              Shelley

"Heather's vast amount of knowledge helps build a cohesive team between

horse, rider, and trainer.  Her passion and love for horses is contagious!  The foundation she has given my son is one of self-confidence, both in and out of the saddle.  Thank you Heather, you are truly an inspiration to our family!"     Jill

I had the pleasure of meeting Heather when my daughter became a member of the Slinger High School Equestrian Team back in 2016, where she competed in various categories including showmanship, equitation and reining.


Heather was a wonderful coach. She had a unique gift of being able to assess each child, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone to try new things. Teaching them to be stronger, more confident riders, and most importantly how to be a better partner to their mount, as well as to their team mates. This was such a positive experience for my child, and remains one of her top Equine adventures to date. Long gone is her fear of patterns!


Fast forward to present day, the parent has now become the student. After deciding to get back into riding, and on top of that, learn dressage, I was going to need some major help! I knew exactly who to call. This old lady needed the help of Full Circle Farm!


Heather is always honest in her teaching in order to help you grow to be the best ‘you’ possible. She has helped me and my horse achieve great success as a team and individually.  Her talent of reading body language is incredible!


I personally have been blessed by her teachings. My horse and I are lucky to have her in our lives. She is a true treasure! Thank you for all that you do!                                                                                       Susan

“Allowing my daughter to train with Heather at Full Circle Farm was one of the best parenting decisions I have ever made. I am so pleased with the confident, compassionate young lady my daughter is becoming, thanks in part to Heather and their weekly lessons. Heather was blessed with the gift of teaching and her progression of skill development is always right on point. Her outstanding judgement keeps the horse and rider safe at all times. Beyond excellent training, Full Circle Farm provides an avenue for camaraderie and lifelong friendships. Everyone’s support and dedication makes it a place to call home!” -Laura Peterson


Heather is an amazing trainer. She makes me feel comfortable and safe while I’m riding. She does an amazing job at explaining things and she is very patient. Not only has Heather taught me so much about riding but she has also taught me how to properly take care of my horses. Without Heather, we would not have the amazing horses we have today. She has taught me so much about horses both riding and health. “-Allison Peterson


Thank you Heather for the privilege of training with you, learning from you, and being part of your horse family!

We are and will forever be grateful !

Peterson Family

Our daughter has been taking lessons at Full Circle Farm for almost four years. 


When we met Heather, she was a special ed. teacher by day and equestrian teacher at night. Each week, Heather taught on the ground and under saddle. She made sure that all of her students understand that riding a horse doesn’t just mean showing up, hopping on a horse and then leaving. At Full Circle Farm, the kids learn how to groom, tack, feed, do chores and ride. They work hard and love it all! Heather has unending patience for the horses and her students. Heather definitely uses all of her teaching skills in her daily lessons.


Our daughter was eight when she started and it was purely recreational. From the beginning, our daughter loved going to the barn. It was at the barn that she met her first love, one of Heather's horses. She loves all the horses at the barn but those two had a special connection. Sadly, her favorite horse passed and Sophia wanted something more. Heather helped us search for Sophia’s first horse! We are forever grateful for all of the ‘no, not that horse or that horse is too big, she wouldn’t have enough of a challenge from that horse and Yes, they would be great together!’ 


Heather knows each of her students and designs lessons to meet the needs of the student and helps them to meet their goals. The students learn from Heather, but also from the horses. Everyone learns at Full Circle Farm!


We are forever grateful for everything that Heather and her horses have taught our daughter! We are truly blessed to be part of the Full Circle Farm family!     

                                                                                                                                                                   Kim S

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