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                                              The Reason Behind the Name...


Full Circle Farm is called as such due to this sweet soul. Speedway was my first horse, I got him when I was 11 (he was 6) and had to sell him in college. It was devastating and I thought of him every day.

Thirteen years later, he came back into my life. He was 25 and I was married with 3 young kids. The way he came back into my life was a complete act of fate. His owner (the same owner I sold him to) called the farm I was teaching at, she wanted to donate some tack. My boss was swamped and forwarded the voice mail asking me to call her back. What were the chances of all the phone calls for her to forward this one to me? What were the chances of his owner to call the farm I worked at?

I called her back and we talked. She told me she was planning to put him down in fall because he had heaves and they wanted a horse they could trail ride for long periods. He wasn't suffering or in pain. We talked longer. Long story short, I told her I would take him back. Without talking to my husband, I promised his owner that I would happily provide Speedway his final home. I also still needed to ask my boss if I could board him at the farm. It's not like me at all to not plan, to make a such decision in the heat of the moment, but I did.

I begged my boss to allow us to work out a deal to reduce his board as a horse wasn't in the family budget. She was wonderful and said we would figure something out. I am forever grateful. He came to the farm I was teaching at. My vet treated his heaves. He was happy and still had his zest for life. ♥️

When his heaves acted up again, the vet said he needed to be out 24/7. The farm did not offer outdoor board. So that was that, we needed to find a hobby farm where he could live outside with access to a stall. So that's what we did, we bought a home, built a small barn, and brought Speedway home. I bought a second horse, Samir, another grey Arab gelding, as I didn't want Speedway to be alone. They became best friends.

At home he never again had an issue with his heaves. He was the first horse all 3 of my children learned to ride on. He was happy and healthy for the majority of the time he had re-entered my life. As he neared turning 31, he started to show signs that life was getting harder on him, especially in winter.  After 6 years of coming back into my life, at 31 years old, he was peacefully laid to rest.

He filled my youth years and then again my adult years with love and joy. Our lives together were Full Circle.

The pictures below were when he was 29 and 31. What a beautiful, sweet soul he was. ♥️

Speedway trotting.jpg
Heather and Speedway.jpg
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