Full Circle Farm Pony Club Riding Center

                   Full Circle Farm is a licensed United States Pony Club Riding Center in the Lake Shore Region 


What is Pony Club?

In a nutshell, The United States Pony Club (USPC) is an educational riding skill and horse management program that develops knowledgeable and responsible horsemen and women. Members engage in mounted and un-mounted meetings where riding skills and horse care are taught through a core curriculum. Meetings are often taught by upper level Pony Club members with the opportunity to also learn from top trainers and other horse professionals in your region and even nationally.

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What experiences await in Pony Club?  

Education, skill development, achievement, and fun!


Horse care fundamentals, riding skills, and sportsmanship team competitions have equal importance in Pony Club. All aspects are taught with safety as a foundation. Horse management is where members learn how to properly care for their mount and tack and how to create a safe environment for horse and rider in the barn, in the field, trailer, etc. The core riding disciplines taught through Pony Club are, but are not limited to: dressage, show jumping, eventing, mounted games, tetrathlon, and polocrosse. Mounted meetings take place at your local Club or Center as well other locations in your region. In addition, camps, clinics, and field trips are offered. Team competitions called Rallies are where members from your region compete in teams of four against other Pony Clubs and Centers. Rallies are not only fun, but they build and strengthen teamwork and relationships.


As a member’s skill level and knowledge improve through lessons and meetings, certification tests are given as a way to recognize achievements. Using the USPC Standards of Proficiency, members can test in the Horse Management section only or both Horse Management and Riding. Each certification level requires greater knowledge depth and skill proficiency. Fun Fact: 11 riders on the 2016 Olympic Equestrian Team were alumni of Pony Club!


Involvement in Pony Club not only teaches the skills of riding and horsemanship, it also prompts confidence, independence, responsibility, teamwork, and leadership skills. Lifelong friendships and great memories are made and opportunities are given that may not otherwise be available.

Please note - Riders are not required to join Pony Club in order to take lessons at Full Circle Farm nor are Pony Club members required to take lessons outside of official Pony Club mounted meetings at FCF.





2435 County Road K

Hartford,  WI  53027